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Protect Yourself: Free Clinics Across the South

LGBTQ Southerners face real risks of physical attack, intimidation and threats. So far in 2017, eight transgender women of color have been murdered in our country, three of whom lived in the South. Trans youth in the South regularly report bullying and threats in schools.

To respond, we’ve just kicked off a new series of free “Protect Yourself” clinics. Led by and for transgender folks, the clinics feature a self defense class, training in using pepper spray and safety apps, and HIV testing and counseling.

Between now and June, we’re running 12 “Protect Yourself” clinics across North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Click here for details and updates about upcoming clinics in NC, SC, TN, GA and AL.

Statement on the passage of HB142 in North Carolina

“The Campaign for Southern Equality opposes HB142, which fails to fully repeal HB2 and instead creates new barriers to LGBTQ equality in North Carolina,” say Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality.

“From the moment it passed, HB2 has been a disaster for our state. Above all, it has harmed transgender people by attacking their basic rights and dignity. However, HB142 does not fix this disaster. In fact, the law makes it illegal for cities to pass protections for transgender people and it imposes a moratorium on the passage of non-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBTQ people. Under HB142, our state continues to single out the LGBTQ community and make us second-class citizens under the law.”

Southern Equality Fund: Getting Resources to the LGBTQ South

We believe that the organizers on the frontlines of the Southern LGBTQ movement can transform our region—but they need the funding and support to do so. The Southern Equality Fund is a grantmaking initiative that directs resources to Southern LGBTQ grassroots leaders and groups that are under-resourced due to geography or demographics. Have an idea to promote equality, safety, and/or visibility of LGBTQ people in your community? Take the next step and apply for funding today.

Supporting Southern Trans Organizers

The Campaign for Southern Equality is excited to launch the Trans Leadership Initiative (TLI), a one-year pilot which will provide intensive support to an incredible group of trans leaders from across the South. The initiative will offer leadership coaching, funding, and technical assistance to grow their leadership and help strengthen their vital work in local communities. The TLI is part of CSE’s Southern Equality Fund, which supports grassroots LGBTQ leaders across the South.

“If I didn’t have hope knowing that there was a better tomorrow, I would’ve already given up, because my community is so underserved and I am the only resource where I live for Trans women of color,” says Daroneshia Duncan, describing her work leading Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering in Birmingham, Alabama. Daroneshia is also one of the leaders in the Campaign for Southern Equality’s new Trans Leadership Initiative (TLI), a project focused on supporting the leadership of Southern Trans leaders.

Read more about the Trans Leadership Initiative here.

Trans in the South: A Guide to Services and Resources

New data from the Williams Institute shows that more than 300,000 trans folks call the South home. Too often, they face a lack of resources and support. We often hear stories of people going without medical care or traveling hours to reach a doctor who will treat them with respect. That’s got to change. 

To respond to that need, the Campaign for Southern Equality is releasing Trans in the South: A Guide to Resources and Services.



In the pages of this edition of Trans in the South you’ll find lists of trans-friendly service providers – from doctors to attorneys to counselors – across the South as well as resources to assist with funding medical transition.

You can download a PDF of Trans in the South: A Guide to Resources by clicking here.

This information has been collected and vetted by Ivy Gibson-Hill, our LGBT Rights Toolkit Coordinator. We hope this resource guide helps people access the services they need to survive and to thrive.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the Campaign for Southern Equality is a non-profit organization that advocates for the full equality of LGBT individuals and families across the South.