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Autumn and Amanda

Autumn Trama and Amanda McKenzie: Participants in the WE DO Campaign who are requesting a marriage license at 12 PM on Monday, October 3, 2011.

When I first arrived in the mountains it was January 2005 and I immediately knew my life was about to change. Having grown up in New York, living in the South seemed exciting and different, but mostly scary. Total culture shock!

I met Amanda soon after I moved here. An Asheville native, she was excited and eager to show me her town! We both knew there was something special between us. Our love and commitment to each other began to grow stronger and we started our family. Our dog, Bella, and our kitten, Luma, only helped to strengthen our family dynamic. We both love Asheville and our lives here together. The strong community we are building together is a place I’m now proud to call home.

I proposed to Amanda at the Grove Park Inn on our fourth anniversary. We have been together six years this spring. We have been engaged for two years now. All we want is to be treated equally. The issue of gay marriage – or as we like to call it, marriage – is very dear to us. I have never imagined my wedding, as most little girls do, because I never imagined it being a possibility . . . Until now

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