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Kathryn and Elizabeth

Rev. Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve: Participants in the WE DO Campaign who are requesting a marriage license at 12 PM on Monday, October 3, 2011.

We’ve been a couple – a family – for 30 years. We met as volunteers at the Open Door, a homeless soup kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. For Kathryn, it was love at first sight. Elizabeth was a little more cautious. Our love has deepened and become richer of the years as we went through life events together – creating our family, supporting each other as our parents died, celebrating our children and grandchildren’s lives, supporting each others careers and accepting each other as we grew and changed. Now we’re old women and the old adage is true, we look alike! We still very much in love and we’re stuck like glue.

We have worked hard at creating “home” for our daughters, Mary Hart and Bess, our four beloved grandchildren and our community.  We live on a small farm in Asheville and are caretakers of 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 llamas, 2 goats, 5 chickens, a goldfish and 2 pygmy turtles.  We live a blessedly simple and ordinary life. Kathryn is an ordained UCC minister and Elizabeth is a massage therapist and co-owner of Ortho Dog, makers of canine orthopedic braces.

We both grew up in the Deep South in the 50’s and 60’s and we lived with the turmoil of discrimination.  We learned early on that discrimination hurts those who are discriminated against as well as those holding to the tenants of hate. For us, having equality for the LBGT community is a human rights issue – plain and simple.

We’re involved the WE DO Campaign for a couple of reasons.  One is a personal reason – as an older lesbian couple, we want to have the 1,200 legal rights afforded to straight couples (i.e. Social Security, health insurance, etc.). The other reason is that our spiritual belief is that ALL people in our beloved country should be treated equally and with respect.

We both have spent most of our adult lives working for social justice issues (integration, AIDS, homelessness and women’s rights) and legally having equality for the LBGT community is a human rights issue that we feel passionate about.
- Rev. Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve

7 comments to Kathryn and Elizabeth

  • Bltnnc48

    This type of relationship is an abomination against God. Do you not read the whole Bible?

    • Empathy Works

      I know, love, and hold deep, deep respect for Elizabeth and Kathryn. I long for empathic connection and a flow of compassion between persons holding differing perspectives and a deepening of mutual
      understanding. I’m painfully aware of my own fear in doing so.
      Opening myself to the vulnerability of dissonance and the potential
      for deeper disconnection. So I feel vulnerable because I also long for mutual care in the process for everyone. I’m wondering if you are worried because you want others’ choices to be congruent with the understandings you
      have of the Bible and hoping that by sharing you will in some way contribute to their well-being?

      • I pray every day for that connection to be made.  Because people are people, regardless.  And if it were so important to God, I’m pretty sure He would have had Jesus talk about it while He was here on earth.  I’m a gay christian – I’ve been both my entire 29 years of existence.  God loves everyone – God IS love.  I just hope that one day everyone will grasp that concept.

  • Holly Newton

    I love these two women and all the hard work they do for our community… They are a reflection of God’s unconditional love for ALL of his children.

  • Str8MominSoCal

    I love your inspiring story and your beautiful family.  Keep up the fight and know I am fighting right with you <3

  • Mr. Daniel Hansen Beck

    You two do not, nor will you ever have the right to marry in North Carolina! You are deviant in nature and do not deserve marriage rights and/or benefits. God bless the good old north state!

    Mr. Daniel Hansen Beck
    Gastonia, NC

  • Naomi

    Mr. Daniel Hansen Beck, one day your worst nightmare will become a beautiful reality. You are deviant, saying who deserves what, silly man you know nothing. I too hope God blesses your north state with truth, understanding and most of all love.

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