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WE DO Campaign: October 3 Action

Same-Sex Couples, Clergy and Elected Officials Call for Full Equality By Launching WE DO Campaign in Asheville, NC

Today, three same-sex couples requested – and were denied – marriage licenses in Asheville, NC to resist a current state law that prohibits marriage equality. The Campaign for Southern Equality’s WE DO Campaign will run from October 3 to 14, 2011 with over a dozen couples participating. In 2012, the WE DO Campaign will expand to other Southern communities, calling for full equality under the law for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Asheville, NC – At 12 PM on October 3, 2011, Reverend Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve, her partner of thirty years, requested a marriage license at the Buncombe County Register of Deeds Office in Asheville, NC. They were joined by two other couples – Autumn Trama and Amanda McKenzie, and Loraine Allen and Amanda Hilty – as well as a group of sixteen supporters including Representative Susan Fisher, Representative Patsy Keever, Asheville City Council Member Gordon Smith, Asheville City Council Member Brownie Newman, and Reverend Joe Hoffman.

Each of the three couples was denied a license because current North Carolina law forbids issuing a license to same-sex couples. They were prepared for this response, and will be back again to request a license on another day as part of the WE DO Campaign, which calls for full equality under the law for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Organized by the Campaign for Southern Equality, the campaign involves over a dozen couples’ requesting licenses between October 3 and 14, 2011 in Asheville, NC.

“The issue here is that North Carolina laws do not treat people equally, even though we are all equal children of God. The couples taking part in the WE DO Campaign are doing so as an act of conscience, an act of faith, saying these laws are immoral and unjust and they must change,” says Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality and a candidate for ordination in the United Church of Christ.

The couples that were denied a license today are in loving, committed relationships and they seek what so many other couples do – the right to marry legally. Ms. Trama and Ms. McKenzie, who live in Asheville, have been together for six years and are engaged. Ms. Hilty and Ms. Allen have been in a relationship for over eleven years and had a private marriage ceremony years ago. According to Ms. Hilty, “Loraine and I have decided it’s time to step up. We will no longer sit idly by, afraid of the consequences. We are proud of who we are, as individuals, as a couple.”

On October 14, the final day of the campaign, Rev. Joe Hoffman and Rev. Cartledge will lead a public, interfaith blessing of all LGBT families at Roger McGuire Green, in front of the Buncombe County Courthouse. They will be joined by clergy from across faith traditions and from across the country. Following the blessing, clergy and community members will lead a large public action.

3 comments to WE DO Campaign: October 3 Action

  • martha elizabeth beach

    Thank you all for your courage and dignity in standing up for your rights and the rights of all to be equal under the law.

  • RmmickeyD

    I see you got rid of my original comment.  I guess you only display the positive replys, so you can “show the world” that everyone is supporting you.  You and your apostate preachers are gonna have a lot of explaining to do when Christ returns.  I don’t hate you.  I don’t believe you should be slain or mistreated.  But I do KNOW that what you are doing is wrong, it is against God’s law, and God sees your behavior as an abomination.  God is the same then, now and forevermore.  That being the case, his laws do not go out of date.  I know some genius will call this “hate speech”.  There is no hate.  I will never advocate violence against you not will I participate in such.  But I will pray for you.

  • Mama Trama

    In response to RmmickeyD,
     How do you know that it’s wrong?  I guess for you and me, it might be because we were not born as homosexuals.  You are being true to yourself, right?  Well, that’s what the gay and lesbian community is doing; being who they were born to be.  I am a Christian, I lead my life as such but that also includes accepting people the way that they are just like Christ did.  Read up on the Bible sometime; it makes for some interesting points, especially the New Testament but not to turn this into a religious argument because that has nothing to do with government issues.  The separation of church of state is immenent in this and eventually, gay marriage will be one of the laws of the land.  It will happen because there are too many people who support the fact that every single American has the right to pursue their own happiness.

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