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Daphne and Kim

During the last week, LGBT couples in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi have stood up for marriage equality in their home states. Yesterday we were proud to stand with five LGBT couples in Georgia as they applied for marriage licenses. You can read the story of one the couples below.

Daphne and Kim 

Daphne and Kim

Daphne and Kim

Kim, 39, is a Clinical Social Worker at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and lives in Atlanta, GA with her partner, Daphne, 30, who is a Nanny.

How we met:

In March 2010, I (Kim) lived in Tucson, AZ and Daphne was backpacking in the Grand Canyon with a mutual friend of ours, who decided we should meet. On the last day of Daphne’s trip, we planned to meet at a local Tucson coffee shop. When I arrived, Daphne was in crisis because she had missed her flight back to Atlanta.

If she had made her original flight, we would have missed meeting each other, but she ended up having to stay in Tucson for another night, which was the night of my birthday party at a local pub. That night, we ended up staying up all night with each other; dancing, having breakfast at IHOP, talking about life at an all-night coffee shop. I drove her to the airport, having no idea if we would ever talk or see each other again. Thankfully, we did. We talked on the phone often and found that we ALWAYS had so much to talk about and share with each other. After a couple months, I visited her in Atlanta. I completely fell in love with Atlanta and Daphne.

One month later, I moved to Atlanta. (I had been planning a move out of Tucson for over a year, I just didn’t know to where…until I visited Atlanta and Daphne!) Daphne and I went through a very long first year together which included having my 2nd open heart surgery and Daphne staying by my side 24/7; unemployment, new jobs, having to move suddenly. We felt like our first year had lasted 10! In November 2011, Daphne planned an elaborate date and proposed to me under an arbor she built in our backyard.

On October 6, 2012, Daphne and I had a beautiful wedding at our home with supportive friends and family. I have legally changed my last name to Daphne’s and because we have experienced numerous medical emergencies and neither of us have supportive biological families, we have prepared as many legal documents as we can to protect our relationship and future family. We look forward to the day when our family is legally recognized in Georgia.

Send a message of support to the couples here.

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