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Put your love on record

Today, couples across North Carolina (from Onslow County in the east to Haywood County in the west) are putting their love on the record as we keep growing the WE DO Campaign. Through our new statewide effort, legally-married LGBT couples are recording their marriage license as public documents in their home counties across NC as an act of protest against Amendment One.

Couples like Hilary and Emma are married in their hearts and in the eyes of the federal government. That’s a human reality that no one can deny, regardless of a discriminatory law like Amendment One. By going to the Buncombe County Register of Deeds and paying $26 to record their marriage license as a public document, Hilary and Emma created a record of their love and commitment. Their action also highlights how illogical and unjust Amendment One is.

If you are legally married same-sex couple and would like to register your marriage license to take a stand against Amendment One, click here. You can also support our work for equality by making a gift of $26 - the amount it cost Hilary and Emma to record their marriage license.

The WE DO Campaign is working and growing numbers of people – citizens and elected officials – are ready to take a public stand for full equality. That’s exactly why we need to keep putting more pressure on Amendment One and similar laws across the South. From the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to the mountains of North Carolina, we’re going to keep taking action to call for full LGBT equality, tell the truths of our lives, and stand up to discriminatory laws in acts of conscience.

Wherever you live, show your support for full LGBT equality by making a gift of $26 – the amount it costs to register a marriage license in North Carolina – to CSE right now. Every dollar you give will be doubled by a generous donor, up to $5,000.

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