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The LGBT Rights Toolkit provides Community Law Workshops, support services and an online resource center, all with a goal of helping LGBT people in the South (1) know and protect your rights under current laws and (2) access LGBT-friendly legal, advocacy and health information and services from a broad range of organizations. Check out the drop down menus to get started.

The LGBT Rights Toolkit includes:

Why it matters:

Core to the mission of CSE is the belief that LGBT people are fully human and equal. However current state and federal laws deny this and LGBT people live as second-class citizens across the South. Despite this, there are measures LGBT people can take to help affirm their identities and protect themselves and their families. The LGBT Rights Toolkit is meant to assist Southern LGBT people in navigating systems to help ensure these protections are in place until we are treated equally under the law.

DISCLAIMER: The LGBT Rights Toolkit only contains legal information and should not be interpreted as legal advice, nor should it be used in place of legal assistance. CSE recommends that any person with a question about the law or how it applies to them should contact an attorney. CSE is currently growing its referral list of LGBT-Friendly Attorney Referral List across the South. If you are an LGBT-friendly attorney based in the South and would like to be added to our referral list, please contact our Legal Team Coordinator, Meghann Burke, at