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Kim and Cari Standing Up for Equality in Alabama

On January 4th, two LGBT couples will apply for marriage licenses in Mobile, Alabama as part of the WE DO Campaign. Knowing they will be denied, they take this action as an expression of love and as a call for full equality under the law.

One of the couples has shared their personal story that you can read below. You can send all the couples that will apply for marriage licenses a message of support here.

Kim & Cari Searcy

Cari and Kim live in Mobile, Alabama

Kim and I were both born and raised in small towns in East Texas. We met in college and dated for a year before moving in together. It wasn’t long before we realized that we had found something special in each other and so began our journey of creating a loving home together.

In December of 2000, we moved to Mobile, Alabama. Creating a family was always part of our plan. We bought a house. We raised a dog. We made sure we both had stable careers and in December of 2005, five years to the day that we moved to Alabama, our son, Khaya was born.

Just hours after his birth, doctors discovered a large hole in his heart. Because it was such a severe case, he was not able to put on weight and at three months old, had to undergo open-heart surgery. It was during this process that I was told that because I did not have the “proper paperwork” stating that I was a legal parent, that I could not administer his care.

In February of 2006, I filed a petition for adoption in Mobile County Probate Court. Without even a home visit and based simply on the fact that under Alabama state . . . → Read More: Kim and Cari Standing Up for Equality in Alabama